Nohar is a make up artist and hair stylist with 13 years experience ranging from media productions such as X Factor Israel, Otaduy, Arava Polak, Toora to weddings and other special events.


Having suffered from bad acne as a teen she developed special concealment techniques that were perfected later on whilst providing solutions to problematic and even severe skin conditions through the years.



Further more, applying make up on brides from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds Nohar can bring to bear many styles which allow her to make "real women" from all ages look glamorous, yet natural and true to themselves.


Her 'secret' is forming a relationship with her clients and getting to know them at a deeper level. This is essential because her holistic ethos requires for her to know a wide range of details about you ; your personality, skin, hair type, style, body image, expectations, weather conditions, the type of venue etc., which enables her to come up with a unique look that perfectly matches you - the queen for the day - rather than a “ copy and paste" of a common look.



photographer: David Azurmendi Dress:Otaduy Model:Evgenia Nekrasova​