styling services to clients for more than 13 years. Based in North Israel yet travelling worldwide, Nohar takes part and provide her services at international fashion productions, magazine shoots as well as for weddings - brides and bridesmaids. 


Bridal makeup and hair styling modern artistry  

Whether you’re a natural bride, vintage or full glam, Nohar will match the perfect look for you in according to your vision combined with her professional experience and knowledge, ensuring you and your bridesmaids are comfortable in your new look. 


Preparing to the big day? Here are few tips that might help you



Tip No#1 - Hair color and length

One of the key factors in choosing your hair design is considering the hair color and length in your reference picture. It is almost pointless finding a hairstyle reference on a blonde model when you are brunette... how come? Light is reason. Light naturally bounces off of blonde or highlighted hair, making twists, texture and waves more apparent. Therefore if you are brunette and have the very same "style" the appearance can look very different as the hair texture won't show up as much. What can you do? It is extremely important to search for hair reference images that relate to your color of hair to avoid any disappointment.


Hair length is important as well yet in some cases you may use hair extensions to make your hair longer and with higher volume. Nevertheless, we do have to be mindful and realistic about what can be archived with the length of your hair.



Tip No#2 - Dress structure

Your dress structure and design will have dramatic influence on your total look and as such, must be taken under consideration while choosing your hair style. Chose a structured or classical dress? Perhaps a more elegant hair choice would fit better for this style of dress. Chose bohemian dress? Perhaps flowing hairstyle with waves for instance may be more of the "look" you are going for.

Any details on the dress that you wish to show? A beautiful detail on the back perhaps? If so, you may wish to have your hair up so you can emphasis that part. 


Tip No# 3 - Trial meeting

The trail meeting is incredibly essential to avoid any gaps in the coordination of expectations. While you may have your vision of look, in many cases in just might not be the perfect look you may archive. It is highly important to have this meeting so you could try different looks – both for makeup and hair styling, consult with Nohar for her professional opinion, considering the dress as described above, adjusting the makeup to your skin type, verifying you don’t suffers any allergies for the makeup materials et cetera.​

Nohar Neumann offers unique makeup and hair​

photographer: David Azurmendi Dress:Otaduy Model:Evgenia Nekrasova​